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Jim Carrey (1962 - ) AKA: James Carrey / Occupation: Actor, comedian / Birth Name: James Eugene Carrey

Born: January 17, 1962, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Rubber-faced, hyperkinetic comic and actor. Carrey started as a stand-up comedian at age 15 in comedy clubs in his native Canada. After playing comedy rooms throughout the US, Carrey had his first acting break with a small turn in Richard Lester's FINDERS KEEPERS (1984). That same year he was cast as the star of THE DUCK FACTORY (1984) (NBC), a lively failure from producer Jay Tarses about life in an animation studio. He returned to the clubs and landed small movie roles in Francis Ford Coppola's PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED (1986), Julien Temple's EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY (1989), and two Buddy Van Horn-directed Clint Eastwood vehicles, THE DEAD POOL (1988) and PINK CADILLAC (1989). It wasn't until he was cast as an ensemble member for Fox's "In Living Color" that Carrey had an opportunity to truly flaunt his comic talents. His penchant for impressions and broad physical comedy combined with an improvisational flair to make Carrey the show's most engaging performer. Carrey made the leap to feature leading man with the out-of-the-blue smash hit ACE VENTURA, PET DETECTIVE (1994). A non-stop showcase for his distinctive brand of physical and verbal humor, ACE featured some of Carrey's more outrageous bits including an extended sequence where he talked out of his butt. While most critics dismissed the film, audiences flocked to the theaters and made Carrey a bankable star. His next offering, THE MASK (1994), filmed back-to-back with ACE, firmly established Carrey's box-office clout as it garnered over $20 million in its first weekend. Here he played an everyday schlub who finds a magical mask that turns him into an over-sexed cartoon superhero sort of a more extreme take on Jerry Lewis's THE NUTTY PROFESSOR (1963). The film also featured an extended song and dance sequence with Carrey belting out the Desi Arnaz rumba number "Cuban Pete." He followed up these back-to-back successes with another box-office hit, DUMB AND DUMBER (1994), in which Carrey played the latter of the two title characters. While the film was thin on plot and received mixed reviews, critics and audiences lauded Carrey's flair for physical comedy. Some even speculated that he might someday claim the comedy throne in France. He has also starred in more recent films as: Batman forever (1995), ace ventura- when nature calls (1995), cable guy (1996).coming up: liar liar, the Mask 2 & a new ace ventura film...for info on upcoming movies.

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